Chypre | Floral

Eau de parfum | 100ml

Roseberries, Mandarin, Pepper, Violet
Rose, Orange Blossom, Peony, Heliotrop
Patchouly, Amber, Vanilla

With Roseberries and Indonesian Patchouly essential Oils.

Contains natural raw materials: Absolute Tuberose, Indonesian Patchouly, Argentinian Lemon Essence, Pink Berries form Reunion Island.

A splendid fragrance where a sophisticated bouquet of roses encounters sparkling mandarin and the delicate scents of rose berries. An olfactory melody that has a floral bouquet, enriched by a gourmand hint of vanilla, amber and lndonesian patchouli. An olfactory emotion that diffuses an imaginative purple colour.
... I am visiting Rome with new eyes and after having lingered to admire magnificent floors and mosaics, I feel the need for peace and quiet. Perhaps I am becoming a little more spiritual and I am seeking silence, as I gaze with renewed amazement at Piazza del Popolo from the terrace of the Pincio. I enter an ancient cloister, full of rosebushes and orange blossom. lt is May and I could not have chosen a better time to fall in love with the fragrance of Rome in late spring.


Moments, memories, strong and lively emotions
to guide the imagination through the sense of smell

" This is the first collection of Paglieri fragrances inspired by stories of journeys the most fascinating places in Italy."

"These extraordinary and original olfactory creations guide us through the artistic beauties of unique places."