Tribute to Milano

Floral | Oriental

Eau de Parfum 3,38 fl oz

Bergamot, Ginger
Orange Blossoms, Tuberose
Patchouli, Vanilla, Musk

A perfume that wraps and involves, where the bitter notes of Ginger give freshness and brightness to a fragrance with an elegant and sophisticated allure, very contemporary. A heart with a soft and enveloping bottom, where an accord of White Musks, enriched by the poudrè notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood, supports the harmony of White Flowers, made sensual by the notes of Tuberose. The effect of a refined creativity in the notes of a woody and musky background, enhanced by Patchouli and sweetened by the round notes of Vanilla. Contains Bergamot, Fresh Ginger and Patchouli as natural raw materials.
It is the desire for art, culture and novelty that drives me to Milan. I am captivated by the magical vision, that from the tram, allows me to steal with glances suggestive views: from the doors left open, of courtyards to ancient buildings of rare beauty. Piazza del Duomo is a charm, I perceive the ancient heart of the city and I lose myself in the beauty of the imposing Gothic facade. Walk in the Renaissance Galleria Vittorio Emanuele where the gaze is lost in the beauty of the decorations and in the glass dome that transpires light and gives sky. The heart of Milan is an olfactory postcard that has the enveloping breath of refinement and opulence. In this metropolis that has made of the conviviality a shared ritual, It is in the alleys of Brera, in the hidden gardens, in the liberty palaces and in the flowered terraces that I am welcomed by the spring perfume and, sipping a sparkling and intriguing aperitif, complete my travel diary in Milan.


Moments, memories, strong and lively emotions
to guide the imagination through the sense of smell

" This is the first collection of Paglieri fragrances inspired by stories of journeys the most fascinating places in Italy."

"These extraordinary and original olfactory creations guide us through the artistic beauties of unique places."