Tribute to Cortina


Eau de Parfum 3,38 fl oz

Eucalyptus, Siberian Pine, Schinus Molle
Thyme, Ambermax, Incense
Guaiac Wood, Cedarwood, Oak Musk, Tonka Bean

A woody and spicy scent mystical, intimate and contemporary. It amazes you with its important base of modern woods, which brings out the warm, round, deep and spicy note of Guaiac Wood. It is this arrangement of woods and mosses that supports a heart with a fresh and spicy opening, with green and rustic notes. The pungent camphorated note of Pine is softened by the spicy and warm ones of the Thyme, by the schinus and a slight touch of Incense. A journey of the senses that opens up to free horizons, rich in mystery, an encounter with oneself and with the desire to listen to its depth and beauty. Contains Eucalyptus, Siberian Pine, Thyme, Shinus molle, Incense, Guaiac wood, Cedar wood as natural raw materials
Some call it escape from stress, I call it the desire for freedom and beauty. Cortina is splendid, a fairy tale, everywhere I look my eyes rest in the green woods and in the frame of the Dolomite peaks. I lose myself in the windows of Corso Italia, an incredible mix of past and future that can satisfy the most refined tastes, from furniture to fashionable, incredible and unmissable design. A walk in the woods, following one of the many paths, opens my mind and makes me feel at peace with myself and with the world. In the silence of these places I hear only the sound of a waterfall and an intense scent of woods, resins, eucalyptus and conifers that remind me of incense. Of this wonderful journey I will carry with me the scents and the free and deep look that he gave me and that I shared with my travel companions.


Moments, memories, strong and lively emotions
to guide the imagination through the sense of smell

" This is the first collection of Paglieri fragrances inspired by stories of journeys the most fascinating places in Italy."

"These extraordinary and original olfactory creations guide us through the artistic beauties of unique places."