Citrus | Floral | Green

Eau de parfum | 100ml

Mandarin, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Yuzu
White Tea, Rose, Lily of the Valley, Waterlily
Amber, Musk, White Cedarwood, Driftwood

With Italian Mandarin and Guatemalan Cardamom essential Oils.

Contains natural raw materials: Italian Bergamot, Guatemalan Cardamom, Moroccan Cedar, Italian Mandarin.

Freshness and energy for a fragrance with the natural and evocative tones of the awakening of sensations of absolute freedom. A balanced olfactory emotion in symbiosis with nature and with all the beauty that surrounds us. Sparkling aromas of citrus fruit, bergamot, green mandarin and grapefruit. The heart is a fascinating floral bouquet of rose and lily of the valley, sublimated by a fresh and luminous water lily accord. Cedar wood and musk are the sensual base notes of a rare and enthralling fragrance that envelops in a scent of luminous and cool light woods.
... it must be a timeless time that keeps me here, with eyes that can never have their fill, on this white and marvellous terrace overlooking the sea. My curiosity, however, gets the better of my laziness and I set off to discover the magnificent narrow streets of Amalfi. I find that my amazement for beauty has a perfume of flowers and the sea breeze. When I suggest this journey to friends, I recommend late spring, when the gardens are lush and the aroma of the flowers and citrus fruit merges with the scent of the water. This is the most beautiful postcard that I will take home, the melody of the senses.


Moments, memories, strong and lively emotions
to guide the imagination through the sense of smell

" This is the first collection of Paglieri fragrances inspired by stories of journeys the most fascinating places in Italy."

"These extraordinary and original olfactory creations guide us through the artistic beauties of unique places."